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Nov. 6, 2019 – Jim Soule, President of the Preservation Society’s Board of Directors, accepted a seat on the Bedford Streetscapes Oversight Committee.

The Preservation Society released a position statement in support of the overall goals of the streetscape projects, but offered suggestions.

However, in order to maximize the potential of Fall River’s historic resources and neighborhoods, any and all streetscape projects located within historic districts should incorporate a sensitivity to the designs and materials being used.


The Preservation Society raised concerns with the building materials being used at the Purchase Street streetscape project, such as differences in the new curbing. Historic granite curbing meets newer materials at the expense of the neighborhood’s historic character.


Another area of concern are the types of streetlights being used in streetscape projects. The Purchase Street project used a modern retro design that is inconsistent with the design used in the abutting Downtown blocks.

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