One of the core roles the Preservation Society aims to play for residents is providing information related to historic preservation and resources in Fall River, Massachusetts.

We do this by providing resources like a document database, consultation information, and local government contact information.

Some frequently asked questions…

How old must a property be to be considered historical?
Per the Massachusetts Historic Commission, 50 years old

Must historical properties abide by all new construction codes?
Not always

How can state and federal historic tax credits promote development?
By encouraging preservation rather than demo and rebuild by offsetting costs of more costly preservation work

How and why is historic preservation important for Fall River?
It can improve a sense of community pride, promote heritage tourism, increase skilled labor needs, buoy property values, and because once we lose our history… we lose our identity and become just like any place else

What is demolition by neglect?
Any historic building willfully neglected of a maintenance plan

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