Historic House Plaque Program

Is your home more than 55 years old? Is your foundation made of brick or stone?

If so, your home is probably considered historical!

Looking to find out what year your home was built? Wondering what style your home is or who designed it? Curious about who the first owner was or if someone prominent ever lived there?

We can help you find all of this out!

House Plaques in Fall River are encouraged for all historic homes, whether they are High Victorian, Tenement, or Cape styled, and whether they have been preserved or not.

Please call or e-mail us if you are interested in having a Preservation Society certified Historic House Plaque for your historic home. Our Historic House Plaques are made of sturdy bimetal composite, are made right here in Fall River, and cost $100.00.

To order, please call 508-673-4841 or email psfallriver@gmail.com.

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