“Seven Old Stories of Seven Old Homes” visit the GFRAA

A stop on the Underground Railroad, a Skeleton in Armor, a serving of deadly ice cream and more are explored in the Preservation Society of Fall River’s upcoming exhibit “Seven Old Stories of Seven Old Homes.”

Based on research conducted for the Preservation Society by scholar in
residence Kenneth Champlin, the past of seven historic homes from different neighborhoods across Fall River is revealed through simple stories about regular folk that are weaved together with unique local history.

“The historic house project is born of an effort to tell the stories of homes in
every section of Fall River,” Preservation Society President Jim Soule said.
“Some of the homes are readily recognized, some of the stories are oft-told,
but can you match the stories to the homes they are related to?”

The research exhibit will be on display at the Greater Fall River Art
at 80 Belmont Street throughout the whole month of February
with an opening reception on Feb. 1 at 6 p.m.

This project is sponsored in part by Mass Humanities and is a collaboration
with the Greater Fall River Art Association (GFRAA).

“Fall River’s historic homes are an important part of our local culture,” said
GFRAA President John Casey. “The Greater Fall River Art Association is proud to work with the Preservation Society, and our house at 80 Belmont Street is open to all.”

The exhibit will include photos and highlighted excerpts. The full research will be available on the Preservation Society’s website at: http://www.psfallriver.org.

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