The Demolition of Immaculate Conception Church

The demolition of Immaculate Conception Church on Thomas Street began on Feb. 4, 2019, and only took a few days to complete. Over its course, people paused on the street and sidewalk for one last look or photo or video of the Flint neighborhood icon as it came down piece by piece.

The Diocese of Fall River first signaled intent to demolish the church and it’s accompanying rectory in a letter to the Fall River Historical Commission in June 2018. Local developer Thomas St. Pierre filed the paperwork for the demolition after acquiring the property, triggering the Historical Commission’s six-month demolition delay bylaw.

St. Pierre didn’t respond to the Historical Commission’s requests to appear at a meeting to discuss possible reuse of the buildings and demolition began after the six-month delay’s expiration. Fourteen single-family homes will be built in its place.

The Preservation Society of Fall River released a position statement restating public opposition to the demolition on Feb. 4, 2019.

“No words to describe the sadness that I am feeling right now as I am standing here watching this demolition.”

– Carlos Cesar, Flint Neighborhood Association President

Feb. 4, 2019

Herald News Photos: Scenes from the first day of demolition at Immaculate Conception

Herald News Photos: Here is the church, there goes the steeple

Do you have any photos or videos of Immaculate Conception Church or its demolition? If so, please send them to us at so that we can preserve this piece of Fall River history and ensure it’s not forgotten.

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