Bedford Street Police Station Column Will Be Replaced

The column destroyed in an accident at the front entrance of the Old Central Police Station at 158 Bedford Street will be replaced.

After an initial contradicting report from the Mayor’s Office, the reversal was brought to the attention of the Historical Commission ahead of its Feb. 19 meeting. Fall River Director of Buildings/Facilities Chris Gallagher reported to Historical Commission Chairman Kristen Cantara Oliveira that the city was currently in the process of having a replacement column made at Smithfield, Rhode Island, company Granites of America.

[For Bedford Street Police Station, skip to 0:45:18]

The 6,400-pound column at the front of the historic police station was damaged in a motor vehicle accident in October 2018. The front overhang of the police station is currently being supported by a piece of wood, as the building remains fenced off.

Gallagher said the column could not be repaired because the base and decorative edges were crushed to “dust” in addition to the length being broken into three pieces.


The Preservation Society appeared at the Oct. 26, 2018, Historical Commission meeting to request that the city collect insurance money from the accident to repair or replace the destroyed column to prevent the damage from harming any future redevelopment opportunities.

At the Nov. 20, 2018, Historical Commission meeting, Historical Commission member Maria Connie Soule said that after speaking with Mayor Jasiel Correia’s Chief of Staff, Gen Andrade, the city would collect the insurance money from the accident, but that the column would not be replaced because of plans to demolish the building.

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