Preservation Society supports plan to daylight the Quequechan

The Preservation Society of Fall River voiced support for a plan to daylight the Quequechan River proposed by local nonprofit Green Futures at a Massachusetts Department of Transportation meeting for its 2020-2024 Capital Investment Plan.

Green Futures member Al Lima presented a vision that would reveal Fall River’s historic waterfalls that were diverted into culverts and covered during construction of Interstate-195 in the 1960s. The plan presents a set of options that could unearth or “daylight” some portions of the Quequechan River through the Downtown neighborhood and connect it with the waterfront.

Preservation Society members attended the May 23 meeting at the Fall River Public Library and spoke in favor of the plan and any project that would return some historic element of the Quequechan River’s waterfalls.

In MassDOT’s initial summary of comments from the public meetings, it revealed a recorded increase in public support for daylighting the Quequechan River.

Source: MassDOT 2020-2024 Capital Investment Plan Update (2019)

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