PS: Sagamore Mill No. 1 Demolition

The Preservation Society of Fall River opposes the planned demolition of the c.1887 Sagamore Mill No. 1 building at 140 Ace Street.

Sagamore Mill No. 1 is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the Fall River Register of Significant Structures. It was purchased by an abutter of 26 years in January 2019, who initially planned to redevelop the building into apartments.

However, after less than a year of ownership and with no major work done to preserve the structure, the property owner now intends to demolish the 133-year old mill to construct a set of five two-story commercial condo buildings.

A six-month demolition delay on the property expired on June 13, 2020.

The Preservation Society believes that qualified developers can utilize a variety of alternative funding mechanisms like state tax credits and grants to make these redevelopment projects economically feasible and worthwhile.

Until the city strengthens its ordinances so that property owners must demonstrate efforts to restore historic resources before demolition, residents will continue to lose what has always made Fall River home – piece by piece.


The Preservation Society of Fall River, Inc.
Board of Directors

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