Preservation Society Purchases Third Historic Property

The Preservation Society of Fall River is happy to announce its purchase of the c. 1865 William Valentine Carriage House at 166 Purchase Street – the Preservation Society’s third historic property acquisition in less than four years.

“The Valentine Carriage House is our third historic building that we’ll be preserving in our persistent effort to recapture Fall River’s historical heritage,” said James Soule, President of the Preservation Society’s Board of Directors.

The property once served as the carriage house and stable for Mr. William Valentine, who lived in front of the building in the home at 150 Purchase Street. Valentine was a horse enthusiast and built the Carriage House for his hobby before the building later transitioned to its current use as two apartments. He was also a member of the old Niagara volunteer fire company.

William Valentine was a descendant of Captain William Valentine of Rhode Island, who, along with Bradford Durfee and Holder Borden, became interested in Fall River’s early cotton manufacturing that would later transform the city.

“Not only does this purchase preserve this property, it helps the Preservation Society continue its efforts to improve the neighborhood,” Soule said. “The Carriage House’s Purchase Street location allows us to focus more attention on the Lower Highlands Historic District.”

The property directly abuts the rear boundary of the Preservation Society’s property on Pine Street – the c. 1833 Dr. Isaac Fiske House, a Fall River Underground Railroad site. Its acquisition will also help alleviate parking congestion in the area with hopes to open a museum in the former basement office of Dr. Fiske.

The Valentine Carriage House is currently vacant and will be rented out after renovations and preservation work are completed. Financing was made possible thanks to Bristol County Savings Bank. Special thank you to Attorney Arthur Frank for assistance with the closing.

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