PS: Recognition Preserves The Value Of Fall River’s History

The Preservation Society of Fall River wholeheartedly supports adopting new historic districts and recognizing significant properties in Fall River.

New nominations within the city to the National Register of Historic Places are key to the city’s future because they promote the value of Fall River as a historic community.

And Fall River is, indeed, a historic community.

Across the country, cities and towns are promoting historic preservation as a catalyst for urban redevelopment – kickstarting their local economies by promoting heritage tourism and increasing skilled labor demand.

Despite decades of property neglect, demolitions, and reckless alterations, a great deal of Fall River’s historic architecture still exists and is ripe for sensitive restoration.

Recognizing these local landmarks and neighborhoods is a great first step in preserving Fall River’s unique culture and history, for residents, tourists, and future generations to come.

This position statement was submitted to the Fall River Planning Board on Jan. 11, 2023, as Citizens Input.

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