Real Estate Committee Passes On N.B. Borden School

Nathaniel B. Borden School

The City Council invited the Historical Commission, Preservation Society, and the owner of the Nathaniel B. Borden School to a Committee on Real Estate meeting to discuss concerns about the proposed demolition and possible alternatives.

However, T.A. Restaurant President Kevin Santos, the owner of the property, did not attend the meeting after previously indicating he would.

Committee Chairman City Councilor Leo Pelletier said he would meet with Santos following the meeting to discuss the demolition.

Pelletier sent a letter to the Historic Commission stating that after discussions with Santos, he belived Santos had exercised all options on the property and intends to demolish it after the demolition delay expired on Oct. 18, 2019.

Pelletier also stated that Santos said he had no intention of discussing the matter further at any future meetings.

City Councilor Leo Pelletier’s letter can be downloaded here.

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