N.B. Borden School Owner’s Letter To Demolish

Because the owners of the historic Nathaniel B. Borden School have failed to appear at multiple public meetings, Fall River residents have not been able to express any concerns about the proposed demolition. The property owners have directed that any questions about the demolition can be answered in their original letter of intent to demolish sent to the Historical Commission.

The letter can be downloaded here, but its contents are copied below:

“March 25, 2019
RE: NB Borden School
Map I-8 Lot 1-45 Morgan Street

Dear Commission Members,

I write you today in regards to above referenced property. In 2012, we purchased the property with the intent of renovating the existing abandoned NB Borden School for the purposes of either residential apartments and or office/commercial space.

In 2014 we applied for and received a zoning variance allowing the subdivision of the parcel, leaving the existing building on one parcel to be utilized as office space and storage warehouse while creating a parking facility for our adjacent restaurant on the second parcel. We have invested well over $100,000 in repairs/upgrades and have currently completed approximately 80% of the parking facility.

Over this time we have worked extensively with our Engineer, Architect and several contractors in an attempt to develop the property with the intent of leaving the structure standing. As with many of the sold school properties in the City, the restoration/re-use of the structures is very difficult and the cost of such makes the projects economically unfeasible. The cost to complete the needed renovations was estimated to be approximately 3.5 million dollars. The estimated costs of demolishing the building will be approximately $400,000. We are often approached by residents in the City regarding the project and most request to have the building razed. Additionally, it is becoming more of a safety concern for the neighborhood the longer the building sits vacant.

It is for these reasons that we are requesting a permit for demolition from the City of Fall River Building Commissioner. The demolition of the property will allow for the completion of the parking facility as well as the potential of residential construction along a portion of the Whipple Street frontage. Thank you for your time an attention regarding this matter.

Kevin Santos”

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