PS: Bedford Streetscape can highlight historic district

The Preservation Society of Fall River supports the overall goals of the streetscape initiative, but would like to offer suggestions on ways the project could enhance the city’s historic downtown.

The Preservation Society strongly advocates for the use of historically sensitive streetlighting and curbing for the Bedford Street streetscape.

Prior streetscape projects utilized a variety of modern streetlighting and curbing that does not accurately reflect the neighborhood or mesh with the historic materials when they meet.

We also support the recommendations made in Fall River’s recent Downtown Urban Renewal Plan, which calls for streetscape design guidelines to help promote storefront unity and a cohesive identity for the neighborhood.

A member of the Historical Commission could help facilitate these ideas if one were appointed to the Streetscape Oversight Committee. Historic materials and designs could be used as a way to promote economic development and walkability in the downtown area and could even be used to attract developers for vacant historic properties like the Bedford Street Police Station.

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