Preservation Society Delivers Input On Bedford Streetscape

Directors of the Preservation Society attended the first public input meeting of the Bedford Streetscape project on August 22, 2019.

Before the meeting, the Preservation Society submitted this position statement to city officials on the possible benefits the Bedford Streetscape project could have for the downtown historic district.

At the input meeting, Directors made a point of noting the previous issues with the Purchase Streetscape project, such as historically inaccurate building materials and street lighting that didn’t mesh with the surrounding neighborhood, in hopes to avoid similar issues.

Members of the Bedford Streetscape Oversight Committee attended the meeting as well, which had attendees use stickers to mark which ideas they “liked” and “disliked” that the Bedford Streetscape project could incorporate.

Phil Viveiros of McMahon Associates, the engineering firm attached to the project, said the goal of the streetscape was to “make Bedford Street a gateway” for the the downtown area.

The project will include a road safety audit that looks at all forms of transit and will consider options that make Bedford Street a two-way street.

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