Preservation Society teams with DCM for Bowen-Borden Cemetery cleanup

The Preservation Society teamed up with members of the Department of Community Maintenance to cleanup the historic Bowen-Borden Cemetery on May 4 for Preservation Month.

The small cemetery is located on Purchase Street behind the Church of the Holy Spirit, but isn’t owned by the church, the city, or anyone. There is no map of the burial locations, but it has 13-15 people buried there — mostly children. 

Buried there is Abraham Bowen and his family. Bowen’s son, also named Abraham Bowen and buried at Oak Grove Cemetery, was a prominent abolitionist and a member of the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society who was active in the Underground Railroad in Fall River.

The Friends Of Oak Grove Cemetery currently have an application before Community Preservation Committee to place a historic marker at the site, so it can be more easily recognized for its significance.

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