Preservation Society welcomes new Directors

The Preservation Society of Fall River is happy to announce five new members to its Board of Directors.

Peter Belanger and Andrea Belanger have been serving on the Board since joining in December 2019.

John Silva, Jennifer Smith, and Jahnna Khoury joined the Board in April 2020 and have been participating in virtual meetings during the state’s ongoing social distancing guidelines.

Peter Belanger is a construction supervisor and a founder of the Narrows Center for the Arts, formerly serving as president of its Board of Directors. He’s volunteered for local events like the Narrows Festival of the Arts (Spindle City Fest) and Fall River Celebrates America.

Andrea Belanger is a leader for a local real estate team with volunteer experience at events like the Narrows Center for the Arts, First Night Fall River, the Healthier Cities project, and the first ever Fall River Youth Council.

John Silva works in human services as a community outreach advocate and brings 30 years experience in banking and finance. He is also a local realtor and participates on several community boards and steering committees. John is a former board member of the Preservation Society of Fall River, previously serving from 2009-2015.

Jennifer Smith works as a certified medical assistant at a local medical office and previously volunteered with the Salvation Army Women’s Program.

Jahnna Khoury works as a family support specialist and musician. Jahnna serves as a member of the Board of United Neighbors.

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