A History of the N.B. Borden School: 2012-2019

With the demolition delay for the Nathaniel B. Borden School at 45 Morgan Street set to expire one month from now, the Preservation Society would like to provide the public with the following information on the property since its sale to T.A. Restaurant in 2012.

Because T.A. Restaurant President Kevin Santos has agreed to and then skipped three separate meetings to discuss the property and his plans, the Fall River residents have been left to gather what information it can to help answer questions about his plans and why his initial proposal to redevelop the property fell through.

All of this information is publicly available, but we’ve collected it into a single place and put it in chronological order, which helps identify a number of contradictions, oversights, and errors with the process.

It is the Preservation Society’s hope that this information helps show the need for proper safeguards and follow-up when selling/disposing of city-owned historic properties. Not only are unnecessary demolitions damaging to the city’s culture, but they can wipe out thousands of dollars of property value and property taxes for the city, ultimately at the cost of all taxpaying residents.

You can read our info packet here.

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